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Revitalize Your Space:

Comprehensive Solutions for Decluttering, Transformation, and Renewal

Hoarding Cleanup in NYC

At Eco Cleaning Pro, we go beyond traditional cleaning. Our specialized services include disinfection, sanitization, and the use of steam to clean bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring a thorough and health-focused approach.

Eco-Friendly Deep Cleaning for Neglected Homes and Properties in NYC

Is your home or property in need of a fresh start? Eco Cleaning Pro offers eco-friendly cleaning services tailored for neglected spaces, specializing in restoration and hoarding cleanup in Brooklyn, NY.

house cleaning companies near me using steam to clean cabinets. Hoarders cleaning service
deep house cleaning service for very dirty houses
deep cleaning service for very dirty houses

Breathe Easy: Odor Removal Deep House Cleaning Services in Brooklyn, NY"

Is lingering odor affecting your home’s atmosphere? Eco Cleaning Pro brings you specialized services focused on removing odors and cleaning the air, ensuring a fresh and invigorating environment in Brooklyn, NY.

Our Unique Approach:

  • Every space is unique, and we recognize that.
  • Our experts conduct a walkthrough, allowing us to design a customized cleaning plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • We believe in collaboration.
  • Sit down with our team as we design a cleaning job that fits seamlessly into your requirements.
  • Whether it’s for health reasons or a turnover, our approach is customer-centric.

Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

Comprehensive Restoration: Bring new life to neglected homes with our restoration services. We understand the unique challenges of neglected properties and provide a thorough, eco-friendly cleaning approach. Hoarder Cleanup with Compassion: For spaces affected by hoarding, our compassionate team specializes in decluttering, deep cleaning, sanitization, and organization. We prioritize improved well-being, emotional support, and functional living spaces.

hoarder house cleaning in NYC
A picture of a floor after hoarding cleanup

Our Specialized Services Include:

  1. Disinfection and Sanitization: Prioritizing health, we employ advanced techniques to disinfect and sanitize your space, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
  2. Steam Cleaning for Bathrooms and Kitchens: Utilizing the power of steam, we achieve a deep and effective clean in bathrooms and kitchens, eliminating germs, bacteria, and grime.

Why Choose Eco Cleaning Pro:

Effective Odor Elimination:

We employ proven methods to neutralize and remove odors at their source, providing lasting results.

Air Quality Improvement:

Our services go beyond cleaning surfaces; we focus on enhancing the overall air quality in your home for a healthier living space.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our odor removal and air cleaning methods, ensuring they are gentle on your space and the environment

Restoration Cleaning in NYC

Our Comprehensive House Cleaning Services Include:

  1. Odor Removal: Our expert team targets and eliminates persistent odors, leaving your space smelling clean and revitalized.

  2. Air Cleaning Solutions: Utilizing advanced techniques, we purify the air in your home, removing pollutants and allergens for a healthier living environment.

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