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Request Post-Construction Cleaning in NYC


Request Post-Construction Cleaning in NYC.


The top-rated eco-friendly post-construction cleaning in NYC. You are guaranteed meticulous cleaning, sanitizing and move-in ready service. Our clients receive a fast turnover every time. We serve Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.


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    • Sanitizing restrooms

    • Hand cleaning mirrors

    • Sanitizing kitchen/break room

    • Vacuuming carpet

    • Sweeping all floors

    • Mopping all floors

    • Steam cleaning interior walls

    • Vacuuming all walls in rooms

    • Steam cleaning stairway walls

    • steam clean bathrooms

    • Cleaning tall windows

    • Steam cleaning grout

    • Steam cleaning interior of cabinets

    • Steam washing tile walls

    • Steam cleaning refrigerators

    • Steam cleaning banisters

    • Steam cleaning kitchen surfaces

    • Steam cleaning exterior of cabinets

    • Cleaning backyard

    • Remove plastic on kitchen appliances

    • Cleaning dust off stairway

    • Cleaning switches & outlets

    • Sanitizing all switches and handles

    • Clean baseboards

    • Cleaning doors

    • Cleaning baseboards

    • Cleaning windowsill and windows

    • Dust and steam cleaning sink

    • Mopping stairway

    • Scrubbing paint marks off floors

    Get the best cleaning now. For faster responses, call (347) 365-0328 Scheduling is flexible. You can reschedule anytime.

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    Visit Our Post-Construction Cleaning Clips Here

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    At Eco Cleaning Experts top-notch post-construction cleaning in NYC.

    We provide eco-friendly practices and meticulous cleaning for a move-in ready detail cleaning.  Whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, or Long Island, our proven post-construction cleaning in NYC will transform your construction site into a move-in ready home or office.

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    Post-Construction Cleaning NYC.

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    Please learn more about our post-construction cleaning services at this link.


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