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Apartment Cleaning Service:

  • Six recurring apartment cleaning.
  • Housekeeping for studio apartments.
  • Six recurring cleaning services.
  • One Cleaner.

In the Bathroom Area: we dust and wipe visible surfaces, vacuum and mop the floor, wash and sanitize sinks and bathtubs, and clean and sanitize mirrors, chrome fixtures, and all door handles.

In the Bedroom Area: we wipe visible surfaces, vacuum and mop the floor, empty trash, and recycling bins, change bed sheets, and clean and sanitize window handles.

In the Living-room Area: we wipe and dust all visible surfaces, furniture, and windows, empty trash and recycle bins, vacuum and mop the floors, and change the bedding.

In the Kitchen Area: we clean and sanitize all appliances’ countertops, sinks, furniture, and fronts, clean the inside of the microwave, clean the top of the stove, and vacuum and mop the floor.

We also offer specialized services for vacation rental hosts.

Our apartment cleaning is perfect for restocking and cleaning vacation rentals. We can assist vacation rental businesses in operating smoothly and successfully by helping hosts maintain a high rating.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products and disinfect and sanitize regularly touched surfaces, making sure there is no hair on floors our home cleaners will also make sure there is no hair on floors and bathtubs and provide laundry service as a separate service.

We also restock toiletries and groceries and send damage reports to the host. Our use of eco-friendly cleaning products is good for the environment and the health and well-being of everyone in the home, including pets.

In addition, our housekeeping services differ from deep cleaning, post-construction, and hoarding cleaning services.