Eco-friendly Home Cleaners Near Me for 3 Bedroom Apartment.



  • Housekeeping costs $149.99
  • 3 hours of eco-friendly cleaning
  • For Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.
  • Local home cleaners and free cleaning supplies.

In the Bathroom Area;

  • dust and wipe visible surfaces,
  • vacuum and mop the floor,
  • wash and sanitize sinks and bathtubs, and
  • clean and sanitize mirrors, fixtures, and door handles.

In the Bedroom Area;

  • wipe visible surfaces,
  • vacuum and mop the floor,
  • empty trash and recycling bins,
  • change bed sheets,
  • clean and sanitize window handles.

In the Living-room Area,

  • wipe and dust all visible surfaces, furniture, and windows,
  • empty trash and recycle bins,
  • vacuum and mop the floors,
  • change the bedding.

In the Kitchen Area,

  • clean and sanitize all appliances’ countertops, sinks, furniture, and fronts,
  • clean the inside of the microwave,
  • clean the top of the stove, and
  • vacuum and mop the floor.

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